Head’s down as engine rebuild continues

Good progress this evening! Today I bought a couple of bolts (at 20 pence each I thought it worthwhile to buy a spare) to replace one of the four Whitworth bolts that keep the fuel pump in place. So, first job of the evening attach the fuel pumps and the two fuel inlets. I had to remove the rocker pillars and move the push rods out of the way of the bolt heads in order to attach a spanner. Next, we tightened the head nuts. The torque setting for head bolts on a Ruston Hornsby 2VSH is 110/120 ft LBS. I’ve not been able to find any guidance for the sequence of tightening the bolts so I (Stuart actually) simply worked out from centre, tightening those opposite.

On reflection … a very successful day. Before the next session I have to remove the nasty oil from the exhaust manifold and reattach that section. Then the cooling system needs rebuilding. Last thing this evening I tested the thermostat in a mug of hot water and watched it dutifully open immediately. So I just need to craft a couple of gaskets and we can move on to setting the timing.

Is it possible that I may soon be cruising again driven by two cylinders operating in harmony? Fingers crossed.

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