I’m choked! We omitted to check the exhaust.

At last, the engine is rebuilt; everything is in place and working correctly and both cylinders are firing in harmony. But she refuse to rev beyond tickover and she is still leaking smoke and fumes from the engine block. What could we have omitted to check? We pondered over this question for a few minutes before Stuart casually placed his hand over the exhaust and pointed out that there was hardly any pressure from the pipe. He then placed his hand on the air filter inlet and discovered that the air was blowing back. Eureka! The exhaust is blocked at the silencer and the engine is choked up. It must have been caused by me running the engine when it was labouring on one cylinder, ironically I was running it, often at high revs, to try to burn off what I assumed to be a build-up of coke. In effect I was compounding the problem.

Stuart, Alun and I made several attempts to clear the blockage – blasting it with air, flushing it with water, hitting it with a hammer – but none were successful. A new silencer was the only solution. Two days later the new box was installed. Thanks guys!

And that’s it. Approximately 18 months later (work was intermittent), due to the efforts of numerous helpful enthusiasts, the engine runs beautifully again. Finally, I can go cruising. Happy days! Next task: repaint the exterior.

3 thoughts on “I’m choked! We omitted to check the exhaust.

      • Yes. Its been on a T Robinson & Son saw bench for the last 28 years ish. Was at a saw mill before that.l was a Oak Timber Framer/Carpenter. We would lift the set up onto a lorry and take to the jobs. If you email me at terrylynchwood@aol I can send you some pictures? Also have a video ? She started 2nd turn this morning smokes a bit when cold, would think the injectors need doing. We did put new piston rings on her 20 years ago. She has not done a great deal of work as l have looked after my folks for the last 15 years, just been used to cut fire wood up now and again Im in North Herefordshire. 07817866185 Cheers. Terry

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