“Why not take the flywheel off?”

Last Summer (2014), I spent many hours trawling the Internet to find replacement parts. I managed to procure: valves, shell bearings, piston rings, gaskets - all brand new in original 1940s/50s packaging. Not so lucky with the water coolant pump, so I combined the best bits from three used ones to build one perfectly good … Continue reading “Why not take the flywheel off?”

I’m choked! We omitted to check the exhaust.

At last, the engine is rebuilt; everything is in place and working correctly and both cylinders are firing in harmony. But she refuse to rev beyond tickover and she is still leaking smoke and fumes from the engine block. What could we have omitted to check? We pondered over this question for a few minutes … Continue reading I’m choked! We omitted to check the exhaust.

Finally, back to work on the engine – shear frustration

Saturday, July 12th 2008 - Thanks again to Ray Hooley I have a new head gasket and 5 thousandth shim. In just 2-3 hours the engine is rebuilt, loosely to ensure that all the parts are available and intact. Unfortunately, one of the bolts required to secure a fuel pump sheared and I don't have a replacement. I've removed the sheared bolt but I have to wait until Monday to buy a new one. Other than that everything else seems to be in order.