Preparing to repaint the roof

Having completed the engine rebuild I’m now free to start working on repainting the narrowboat – all of it. To keep the cost down I’ve decided to do the preparation before I go in the dry dock. The roof seemed the obvious place to start as it is the area that’s most in need of repainting and it’s a relatively small area (approx 50′ long x approx 4′ wide).

So, armed with a compressor and DA (courtesy of friend, Alun) with a variety of wire brush attachments I set about removing the loose paint and patches of rust where the bare metal has been exposed. These areas are now smooth and clean but there is some pitting. I then applied Rylard Rust Konverta to the exposed metal. It does what the name suggests … it kills rust by converting it to good metal. I bought a 500ml bottle, enough to paint the entire roof area, but as I’m only using it on exposed metal I should have enough for the entire boat. Cost £13.00 (not cheap but essential)

Next task: Primer. Because there are some pitted areas I will use Primer Filler which I have bought in readiness for a dry day. Rylard Grey Primer Filler (32010) 2.5 litres. Cost £32.00 (definitely not cheap but necessary for a good smooth finish). I’m now waiting for a dry few hours to apply the primer which, I’m told, should be sufficient to cover the entire roof (I sincerely hope so!) Then I’ll sand the primer filler. I don’t yet know if I’ll then need to apply another coat of normal primer. Hopefully not, but I’ll know when I’ve finished sanding. More news as it’s made.